We've evolved from the notion that "a mother's place is in the home." Let's not go back.

Project Matriarchs is an organization working to provide meaningful virtual childcare support to working mothers during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an undeniable reality that women are taking on a disproportionate amount of childcare and homeschooling responsibilities, undermining their ability to maintain the same hours or even to work at all. This could mean jeopardizing their family's financial security and/or permanently sacrificing their careers. The way we look at it, the pandemic threatens a reversion to the norm that a “woman’s place is in the home.” Child support and career should not be mutually exclusive. We are here to make sure it stays that way.


What We Do

We are a growing community of college students committed to supporting working parents, particularly mothers, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were inspired to action by both the sheer overwhelm working parents have expressed and the deep resilience we've witnessed. We match college students with families that are in need of virtual childcare or distance-learning support.    We use information about the family’s needs, and the college student’s areas of expertise to ensure supportive partnerships.




I am so happy that I found this service. My son was able to complete assignments without me. I was able to focus on work while he was with his tutor Skyler.

This has been an amazing experience. It has freed up time for me when I get home from work rather than having to get my oldest’s homework completed. This would keep us up late. Our three year old is now getting some educational and 1:1 interaction time whereas before I was between both boys online school. Thank you!

Our tutor for our 3 year old, Ellie, has by and large exceeded all expectations. She came prepared with ideas and has remained positive throughout the entire lesson even when our daughter decides she doesn’t want to participate.

This has been an immeasurable help for our family. Our tutor has kept my kids engaged and learning, allowing me to focus on my work. 

Our tutor has adapted to my kids’ learning style, while being flexible with her approach and their learning disabilities. My kids have a great time with their tutor.

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