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Project Matriarchs

Mobilizing Gen Z in support of working caregivers.

We just launched our Pledge to Care. Sign today to join the movement. 

Project Matriarchs launched in September 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of providing relief to low income working caregivers in the form of free time. Since then, we have piloted and scaled a free-to-affordable service matching college students with families to provide virtual academic support and childcare. While maintaining the service, we have since founded our advocacy branch, working to activate our generation around issues of caregiving.

We wrote Pledge to Care, our first advocacy initiative, as a tool to enable Gen Z to express consensus regarding the support we believe caregivers, from those working for minimum wage to those at the executive level, should receive from their employers. As the talent that companies will soon be recruiting, our generation has collective bargaining power to leverage towards corporate change.

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Our peers can sign onto Pledge to Care to indicate their alignment with the policies and norms detailed, signaling to employers that they will value a workplace that supports caregiving employees. Signing Pledge to Care will contribute to the generational consensus we hope to demonstrate and leverage to compel companies to work towards the standards detailed. A number of additional action items to amplify the impact of their signature will be presented to those who sign Pledge to Care.

We hope to obtain enough signatories that employers perceive alignment with these standards as a crucial way to attract and retain the next generation of talent. 

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