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Best friends since fourth grade, Lola and Pilar are more commonly referred to as "Lolar." Having three working moms between the two of them, as well as being stakeholders in the situation as aspiring working mothers themselves, they see this as a critical issue. They want to make sure that progress towards gender equality doesn't experience a forced regression during the pandemic. Fighting as allies for working moms, they are ready to work with you.


pilar mcdonald


Hi! My name is Pilar and I just finished my first year at Brown University. I am planning to major in Public Health and Environmental Studies. I have grown up watching my mom both succeed and struggle trying to balance her career and raising her kids. I have been lucky to grow up with many female role models to show me that women can have amazing careers, and I want to fight to continue their legacies. I want to support working moms through this pandemic and work for a society in which women are not so frequently forced to make these decisions.

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lola mcallister


Hi there! My name is Lola. I just wrapped up my first year at Stanford University where I hope to major in Human Biology and minor in Human Rights. I grew up with a twin brother and older brother in a house with two incredibly hard-working moms. They were deeply dedicated to both their roles in the workplace and their roles as mothers. I grew up understanding that both roles were important and valuable. I was told that I could be whatever and whoever I wanted to be when I grew up, and I'll always be grateful for that. Pilar and I are excited and humbled to leverage our privilege and energy towards such a worthy and urgent cause.

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