We understand that there's a lot on your plate right now. We're here to help.​

We hope we can work together on a virtual solution to care for your kids—whether that be class/homework support, enrichment, mentorship, or creative projects—so that you can dedicate the necessary time and energy to your own career.  Please fill out the survey below if you are interested in our support.

We are currently working to develop a method to responsibly match college students with moms who need in-person care. For the time being, we are offering an exclusively virtual solution due to liability complexities associated with in-person care and public health guidelines.  

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What it looks like:

1. Fill out our intake form to express interest HERE

2. Connect with your match: with the help of an algorithm that pairs college students with families according to availability and preferences, we will identify an appropriate match for your needs. We'll then facilitate an initial meeting with your match to assess fit, set expectations, and get to know each other a bit.


3. Begin sessions: Assuming the pairing is appropriate, you will then begin scheduling sessions with your college student. 


4. Check Ins: We'll check in regularly to see how things are going and help facilitate any necessary improvements. 

5. Payment: We are committed to offering this resource for free to anyone who needs it. We ask that those who feel able to pay donate however much feels comfortable as an hourly rate for their sessions. 



Please reach out with any questions.

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