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Since September 2020, Project Matriarchs has been matching college students with working families to provide virtual tutoring and/or childcare to lessen the burden on working parents during the pandemic. As we transition into the summer of 2021, we are directing more time and energy towards advocacy. 

the pledge

The Pledge—an advocacy initiative by Project Matriarchs—will facilitate the first expression of consensus from Gen Z regarding gender equity in the workplace. The Pledge will turn our generation’s convictions about the way policies and norms need to evolve into a tool to compel corporate change. The Pledge itself is the advocacy mechanism that will be backed by a growing coalition of young people committed to influencing the environments in which they will one day work and the norms they will one day inherit. 


Young adults (college students, graduate students, etc.) will sign The Pledge to indicate their alignment with the values, policies, and norms detailed, signaling to potential future employers that they will value a workplace that supports caregivers. By involving a critical mass of those entering the workforce in an expression of generational consensus, we hope to compel companies to work towards these standards. We hope that employers perceive alignment with these standards as a crucial way to attract and retain the next generation of talent. 


The contents of The Pledge will reflect the preferences and expectations of our peers. Our team will perform an ongoing assessment of our generation’s stance on policies and norms related to gender equity and caregiving in the workplace.


Behind the scenes, the Project Matriarchs team will gradually establish a national network of campus hubs. Each of these hubs will create a community building consciousness and conviction around topics related to the intersection of work, caregiving, and gender equity.

The buy in of our male-identifying peers is critical to the success of our mission to fundamentally transform work for caregivers. If this were an issue that could be solved by female-identifying folks alone, it would already be solved. Project Matriarchs is committed to inviting young men into our conversations about caregiving.

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