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For Companies: Welcome

assess need

Via data collection, we will help you determine if your employees who are mothers could benefit meaningfully from our service. We have a survey to send to the women in your company that we will work with you to customize in order to assess the efficacy and impact of the actions you may already be taking to support your working mothers. The data collected will help us understand if the mothers in your workplace need more. From there, we can discuss if Project Matriarchs is the right fit for your company.

why a partnership?

We want to partner with companies committed to supporting their employees who are mothers during the pandemic. This is an opportunity to show up for the women in your company. Additionally, our service will help you retain your female talent and help your employees who are mothers maintain their productivity.

what a partnership would look like

1. With a survey specific to your company, we will help you assess the effectiveness of your current approach to supporting your employees who are mothers. This will help us determine what they need and identify how we can best serve them.


2. It's integral to our mission to serve working mothers with a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. This is why we strongly suggest that you commit to a 50/50 funding model; the support you provide for your own employees is matched with a donation that will be used to provide our service to low income mothers whose employers are not providing them with this kind of support.


3. We will regularly survey the participating moms regarding their satisfaction with the service and how it is impacting their productivity. With their consent, we will share the data with you to collectively assess the effectiveness of our service. We're committed to adjusting our approach as needed in response to the feedback.

get in touch

If you think your company could be doing more to support your employees who are mothers, and feel that our service could be a viable solution, please contact us via email below.

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